YouTube Is Useless! The Candidates Are Still Turning to TV!

The 2008 US Presidential candidates are now turning to the old-fashioned TV to create their campaigns and attract a positive public opinion. Although the online video sharing service YouTube struggled to become a new type of television, its efforts were quite useless as most candidates are now attracted by the classic TV. According to the Concord Monitor, Mitt Romney, one of the candidates, invested no less than $4 million in adverts that are meant to be displayed on TV. The decision is quite obvious as the entire audience can be easily lured by displaying advertising campaigns on TVs in the entire country.

"All the talk about the internet and YouTube, the (candidates) who are performing best in the polls are the ones putting their money on old fashioned television spots," said Evan Tracey, chief operating officer at TNSMI/Campaign Media Analysis Group, a company that tracks political advertising, according to the same source.

This decision is quite obvious, because YouTube remains a service accessible only to the users connected to the Internet while most of the country's residents own at least one TV. "Romney spent $2 million in the first three months of the campaign on introductory ads that stressed his biography. This month, he ramped up his advertising, spending about the same amount on ads in New Hampshire, Iowa and on national cable. He also chose to be on the air in May, a sweeps month when networks aim to attract most of their viewers," the Concord Monitor added.

YouTube was acquired by Google in October 2006 for $1.6 billion. Since the acquisition, numerous companies have accused the search giant for copyright infringement after the users published videos without their approval. The most well known lawsuit was filed by Viacom, MTV's owner that also requested $1 billion in damages.

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