Google and Yahoo Fight with Devastating Weapons

If any of you believes that Google and Yahoo are just two simple companies that are challenging one another with their products, I'm sorry to tell you that you're wrong. Google and Yahoo are currently the Internet giants that are offering the best technologies in their categories but also manage to attract the majority of customers, making the other firms' attempts quite useless. Take the example of Ask.com that is somehow made anonymous as Google and Yahoo captured most of the Internet searches. However, a lot of companies announced their intentions to develop similar products and challenge the two Goliaths.

At this time, the most important chapter of the battle is surely represented by the fight between the two mail solutions owned by the companies. Most of the users are describing Gmail as the most efficient mail product on the Internet because it offers a large file storage capacity, efficient spam filters and POP3 support. The same category of users is often criticizing Yahoo Mail for weak filters, bugs and for instability. However, the recent studies revealed that Yahoo Mail managed to beat Gmail, the Google mail product not being even close to the Sunnyvale company's solution. Hotmail, one of the oldest mail services on the Internet earned the second position, relegating Gmail right on the third place.

However, the most recent battle involves two unexpected products: Google Maps and Yahoo Maps. While the search giant is famous for its service and the high-resolution photos that it offers, Yahoo intends to make its map solution competitive for Google. Recently, Yahoo added a considerable number of detailed pictures for numerous European countries.

You're probably asking yourself what's up with the title. Well, Google and Yahoo managed to revolutionize the Internet life because their solutions – the search engine and the Yahoo portal – are currently helping people find their information easier and get whatever they want.

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