Gas Prices On The Rise–9 Tips On More Mileage Bang For Your Buck

According to a recent article in Yahoo Finance by David Bach, a man who calls himself “the automatic millionaire,” there are some things you can do to get more gas bang for your buck. With today’s gas prices climbing toward $4.00 a gallon, everyone can benefit from these.

The following are David’s gas-saving tips:

1. Find a bargain.

If you’re taking a summer road trip, plan out your route before you go. Identify gas stations along the way that have the lowest prices. Check out www.gasbuddy.com, a site where consumers can share gas prices.

2. Keep your tires fully inflated.

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the average driver can improve mileage by 3.3 percent simply by inflating their vehicle’s tires regularly.

3. Get a tune-up.

A vehicle in need of servicing is wasting gas in more ways than one. According to the Department of Energy, replacing a clogged air filter can improve your gas mileage by 10 percent, while fixing a faulty oxygen sensor can improve gas mileage by an unbelievable 40 percent. Download a free service and maintenance schedule at www.carcare.org .

4. Fill ‘er up with regular unleaded if possible.

According to AAA, one out of five gallons of gas pumped in the U.S. is premium — yet only 10 percent of vehicles require this higher octane fuel.

The truth is that you may not even notice the difference when you drive your car with regular gas instead of premium, and the cost difference can be as much as 40 cents per gallon. If your car doesn’t require premium unleaded, you’re wasting your money — premium doesn’t improve performance.

5. Adjust your driving habits and style.

Speeding, excessive accelerating, and sudden braking all waste gas. A more relaxed driving style not only improves safety, it also improves gas mileage by 33 percent for highway driving.

Idling your engine for long periods can also waste up to a gallon of gas per hour. Also, think twice before blasting the air conditioning. According to the Department of Energy, operating your car’s air conditioner on its maximum setting can reduce your miles per gallon by 5 to 25 percent compared to not using it at all.

6. Clean out your trunk.

Unnecessary cargo weighs your car down. A hundred extra pounds can reduce your miles per gallon by 2 percent. Also avoid storing luggage on your roof. The increased wind resistance will reduce your mileage as well.

7. Carpool.

If it works for your work schedule and habits, carpooling saves money, in fact up to $2,562 a year.

8. If you’re buying a new car, make fuel efficiency a priority.

There’s so much to consider when purchasing a new car that fuel efficiency can get lost in the shuffle. By law, however, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) fuel efficiency rating for new cars is posted in large black numbers on a sticker in the window.

9. Buy a hybrid, get a tax break.

Driving a hybrid, which runs on a combination of gas and electric power, will significantly increase your miles per gallon. Hybrid cars are becoming more affordable, too.

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