Google Debuts Private Video Test for Adsense

The AdSense advertising platform is finally improved with video ads, a long-awaited feature that is currently in private testing session. Google rolled out a new test for the video adverts that are now available in three flavors: click-to-play video ads, AdSense video distribution and sponsorship and AdSense for Video pilot. Basically, the Click-to-play video adverts are placed on a certain page and are started once the visitor clicks on the play button. The second version of the advertising platform enables publishers to select a special channel for the

adverts and include them into their site's content. AdSense for Video pilot is a new feature that allows publishers to select the time to start the video advert.

"Just as AdSense adds value to the text content on your website and is useful for your users, we think these in-stream ads in video will add value to publishers' video content and help to deepen engagement with users watching the videos. This pilot represents our continued efforts to address the challenges faced by publishers who want to monetize their video content, by advertisers who want access to quality video inventory, and finally by users who want ads to enhance their video watching experience, not detract from it," Christine Lee, AdSense Product Marketing Manager, said today.

Please keep in mind that this is only a private testing session so there is no other way to be included in the beta. However, the search giant might expand the product soon, so if you really want to be a part of the testings, try to remain up-to-date with the latest Google news.

At this time, the advertising platforms owned by Google are representing the most important products at the Googleplex because the search giant wants to expand them into the offline media. In the past, Google signed deal with newspapers and radio stations but we're still waiting for a new flavor of the advertising solutions.

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