Google Would Annihilate The Rivals With Its Googlephone!

Google Would Annihilate The Rivals With Its Googlephone! - According to a recent study.

Some time ago, it was rumored that Google was preparing the Googlephone, an exciting handheld device able to conquer the mobile market. The Mountain View company denied the rumors, adding that Google will remain a software firm without any hardware trends. However, these statements didn't stop the market research firm, The EQUS Group, to conduct a study concerning a potential Google or Yahoo phone. The main goal of the research was to find out how many customers would buy the mobile device. According to Cellular-News.com, 55 percent of the subjects sustained they would be interested in acquiring a phone created by

Google or Yahoo. 21 percent of them said that they would ignore the phone, while 23 percent were unsure.

"In addition to these findings, we also found that 69% of consumers currently use mobile search tools on their mobile phones. Because search functionality is so highly utilized by mobile phone users, Google and Yahoo are uniquely well-positioned to enter the mobile device market and may have an advantage over other consumer brands looking to enter the space," Al Nazareli, CEO of The EQUS Group, said according to Cellular-News.com.

A long time ago, when Google was rumored to be preparing the Googlephone, the company was quite prompt and quickly denied all speculations. However, most of the search giant's fans were still hoping for a handheld device able to revolutionize the mobile life and bring some innovative functions. The Googlephone was always regarded as the Apple iPhone killer because it was rumored that the search giant's device has almost the same functions and design as the Cupertino company. As you can see, Google has a nice chance to conquer the mobile market but, as the search giant's representative sustained, the Mountain View firm will remain a software firm for a long period of time.

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