Google Receives a Chinese Slap - From the local partner, Netease

Netease, a Chinese company that has been one of the most powerful Google partners in the country, announced that it will end the agreement with the Mountain View firm. The Internet Portal is now offering Google Search to all of its users through the official page of the company. However, the company announced its intentions to end the deal with Google because it intends to build its own search engine. It seems that the partnership will be ended this year as Netease plans to release its search
technology in this period.

"When our own search engine is released, we will terminate the contract or the current partnership with Google," Netease chief executive William Ding said according to Computing.co.uk. "Our development of the in-house search engine has been progressing well and we are planning to officially launch it during the second half of 2007 with a major marketing campaign," Michael Tong, co-chief operating officer at Netease, added according to the same source.

As you can see, the Chinese market is a little bit repulsive to the search giant's attempts to conquer the country. Google tried several tricks to expand its products into China but every time, their actions were rejected just from the beginning by Baidu, the local Internet leader, or even by the users. At this time, Baidu is regarded as the Chinese search giant because it offers almost the same products as Google, managing to steal the Mountain View company's Chinese customers. Some time ago, the Google officials sustained that the firm had problems with the country's users after numerous fake agents tried to sell the search giant's products.

So, this is another obvious sign that Google encounters serious problems with the Chinese expansion. Maybe the Mountain View company should work a little on the agreement and the partnerships made with the local companies and try to improve its image on the Chinese market.

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