Angelina Jolie and Google Earth

The famous Angelina Jolie is now the hottest update for Google Earth because numerous users tried to solve the mystery of the tattoo appearing on the left hand of the actress. Google Sightseeing was the one that managed to decipher the tattoo, the mystery representing the location of the four adopted kids. If you didn’t know, Angelina Jolie intended to adopt a kid from every continent of the world. However, some of the fans were asking themselves what does the tattoo mean? Well, it represents the coordinates of every kid, and more exactly, the place where they were born.

"Plugging the coordinates into Google Earth, the first leads us to Cambodia. This is supposedly where her first son, Maddox, was born. Following the next coordinate we are led to Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Abeba, where the eldest daughter Zahara was born. For her third coordinate Angelina has gone a bit more specific, pointing to the Namibian beach resort of Swakopmund. This is where she gave birth to Brad Pitt’s baby Shiloh. And lastly on our tour Angelina takes us to Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam, where latest addition Pax Thien was born," Google Sightseeing reported.

If you don’t believe this, you can try it for yourself because all the Internet users are able to test it by writing the coordinates appearing in the tattoo straight in Google Earth. The application should redirect you to the location were every child was born.

As you can see, Google Earth is not only a downloadable application that allows users to view satellite maps and other imagery from the entire world. It is also useful for the users looking to solve the mystery of the unknown tattoos made by their favorite celebrities.

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