Feriti-va de YouTube

   Am primit de curand prin email urmatorul avertisment:

"Here's the situation. There is a huge rash of spam going
around that pretends to point to "compromising" videos of
you. They're in HTML format, so the URL can look like it
points to YouTube.com, but the underlying URL is really a
different site, usually with a numeric IP address rather than
a domain name.

When you get there, you'll be prompted to download "the
video," which is really a Trojan. Once you run it, you're
owned, bay-bay. They can do pretty much whatever they want
with your computer and connection.

With the popularity of YouTube and the fear factor built in
to the emails, I expect a lot of people will fall for this.
They'll mostly be expecting a funny gag sent by a friend."

Asa ca aveti grija ce linkuri vizitati si de pe unde va apucati de downloadat...

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